Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Behind the Book: Book Girls Tend to Live in Book Worlds... And That's the Problem

I have this bad habit of meeting people and then constructing their entire life story in my head. I will base their life story on the following criteria:

1. Choice of perfume/cologne and their aromatic notes.
2. Choice of nail color or lack thereof. That includes all nail art.
3. Whether they said, 'hi' or 'hello,' and the voice inflection used.

These three things are all I need to write The Story of This Person's Life. There will be times when, after I've closed the book on this stranger's life, I'll look to my sister and roll my eyes. (This guy right HERE!) My sister--to my great annoyance--will have no idea what's going on.

I will, in 99.99% of cases, be completely wrong. But that isn't the point. For at least 5 minutes, I had a chance to imagine how things could be.

This is more than a bad habit; it is a curse.

In What If You're Over My Sh*t? Rachel, like many women, chooses to live out most of her marriage inside her head. She answers the questions she should be asking her husband. She assumes what her husband is up to, and then gets mad at her made-up scenarios.

In What If You're Over My Sh*t? Rachel must try to live in the realm of the outside world, and not within the kingdom inside her head.

But this isn't as easy as it sounds.


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