Friday, November 17, 2017

Behind the Book: Marriage is for Suckers

Marriage is for suckers. It's for those women who believe in happily-ever-afters, soul mates, true love, and fate.

Marriage is hard. It is likely the most laborious joint venture on which you'll ever embark. Why? Because men are annoying.

When you marry, the government is saying "This is the man who now owns half of your life." Go ahead and hand half of your paycheck to the guy who doesn't fold the clothes in the dryer. Go ahead and share your bed with a guy who was just reading his text messages and smiling. Go ahead and share your food with a guy who has a heavy hand with pepper. (I don't LIKE pepper, what don't you get about this?) Go ahead and share your offspring with a guy who doesn't wake up in time for school drop-off, and so YOU always have to do it. Go ahead and share your time with a guy who you don't feel like looking at, right now. Marriage is a struggle... with a capital S.

Many women say f*ck it. Nope. Not doing it. Marriage is too hard. It's too annoying. This man is too annoying. This current problem we're facing is too annoying. Many women give it.

But Rachel tries not to.

What If You're Over My Sh*t? is a story about a woman who is trying not to give up. Even though giving up would be so much easier.


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