Monday, November 20, 2017

Behind the Book: The Perfect Guy

Throughout your life, you've been filling out a mental order form for the man you want. The guy you ordered is:

Tall like Shaq.
Rich like Buffett.
Woke like Tupac.
Funny like Kevin.
Respected like Obama.
Compassionate like Drake.
Handsome like Idris.
Legendary like JFK.
Bold like Malcolm.
Intelligent like Einstein.
Cool like Jay-Z.

THIS is the guy you ordered. Now, look at the guy you got.

In What If You're Over My Sh*t? Rachel battles with the difference between her Mental-Order Husband and her Real-Life Husband. And she must make a decision. Is her Mental-Order Husband out there? Or is he just in her mind?

It's a question most women have every single day. Is he out there?


Why Are We Afraid To Have It ALL?