Thursday, November 30, 2017

Behind the Book: Red versus Rachel

Dear Elysian Fields,

Just so you know, there has to be something special about you for me to just up and leave my beloved Boston and travel 1,300 miles across the country.

You see, I listen to a woman named Danielle and her husband Malcolm. They tell me their life story. I LOVE these two. In fact, I love their entire crew. So, when Rachel called my office and said she liked the work I did on Danielle Blair, and asked me to tell her story, I was hesitant. I agreed to do it on one condition: her husband Marc would tell me his side too. Both agreed.

I gotta tell you, Elysian Fields, I'm used to Boston's Beacon Hill and all the perks afforded to its residents and visitors: the Starbucks on every corner, the sushi bars, the valet whistling for taxis. Arriving in Elysian Fields was entirely different: the corner stores, the Chinese food spots, the dogs tied to trees, the hookers on 'the block'. Lets just say, I had my doubts. Would my readers want me to report on a couple who were so different from their beloved Red and Mac?

The answer is yes.

The feedback is good, Elysian Fields. And I mean really good. My readers are loving Rachel and Marc. They love their story. They love you, Elysian Fields.

But don't get too excited. I'll give you the FULL report the week of December 5th.


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