Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Behind the Book: What To Do If You Aren't Oprah or Beyoncé

When I was in college, I naturally assumed I'd be an important writer who made significant contributions to the literary world. This would be done through me writing adult fairy tales. And, while I DO write adult fairy tales, my life isn't as important as I would have hoped. In fact, my life can be downright ordinary.

Shannon Dianne's ordinary life, as she interacts with her children:

Ma, I think broke my ankle really bad, outside just now.
What were you doing outside?

Ma, can we go to grandma's house?
(Me: pressing #1 speed-dial, on my cellphone.)

Ma, can I have some juice? (Always asked as I'm sitting down.)
Yes, after I finish sitting down.

Life is normal. In What If You're Over My Sh*t? Rachel attempts to come to terms with normal life. Because what Rachel doesn't know is this:

Life is absolutely average most of the time but, you can still be happy.


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