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Chapter 11: What If You're Over My Sh*t?

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Ooh! Uh-uh! I TOLD ya'll! This book is her life story! Read this shit!

TO: Marc Isles
SUBJECT: Rachel, the Writer
I've decided to become a writer. In truth, I already am. I've been keeping diaries since I was in high school and I've been relatively open with myself about my life. I've reread some of my entries from the day before you and I met up until the day we married and I've gotta tell you, it's been a hell of a ride. I'm thinking of publishing that portion of my diary. But I'll change all the names and pretend like it's a work of fiction. I think it would be awesome for women to read the thoughts of another woman, a real woman. A real woman wrote those diary entries, from the time she entered college to the time she came into adulthood. These are real scenarios and emotions and thoughts. My diary is relatable. 

I've decided the protagonists' name will be Simone and the hero's name will be Jax only because those names have the same syllables as our names and I've always wanted to be named Simone because it sounds sexually charged.

Anyway, I’d like to give you a brief outline of the book:

Simone is alone and very happy. She is spunky and beautiful. A nostalgic girl who wears cat-eyed eyeliner and gold hoop earrings. A relatable beauty who loves to eat burgers at diners and sneaks the occasional wine cooler with life-long best friend Vivian (who will be recast as Vanessa). Everyone loves Simone.

Simone meets Jax at a nighttime barbecue at a house he shares with his best friend Sean (who will be called Stephen) and some other guys who don’t matter. Simone loves Jax instantly. Jax pays attention to the LA girls who drove up for the barbecue. Jax, his friends, and the LA girls drink Heinekens while Simone drinks wine coolers. Jax generally ignores Simone…

…For the next twelve years.

The End.


TO: Rachel Isles
SUBJECT: Rachel, the Writer
Hmm. Sounds like an exciting book. Do you intend on mentioning that Jax asked Simone to marry him? That he also wanted Simone to be the mother of his only child.

Will you mention that Jax flew all of his family and friends to Martha’s Vineyard, after liquidating a portion of his stock portfolio, so that Simone could have a June wedding there?

Will you mention that Jax bought Simone a townhouse in LA and a condo in San Francisco? Because Simone wanted two houses in two different cities?

Will you mention that Jax bought a condo in San Francisco because it was three-thousand square feet and Simone gets claustrophobic in places that aren’t at least three-thousand square feet?

Will you mention that this condo sits on a hill that overlooks the Golden Gate bridge because Simone likes to drink her Starbucks coffee on the balcony and take selfies of her drinking coffee with The Bridge in the background?

Will you mention any of this?


TO: Marc Isles
SUBJECT: Rachel, the Writer

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