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Chapter 5: What If You're Over My Sh*t?

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Don’t know if this is legit, but check this shit out…

TO: Marc Isles
SUBJECT: Your Emotions (Or lack thereof)
You know what I can’t stand about you? Nothing EVER ruffles your feathers. Last night, when I hung the phone up on you, you sent me a text message that said: Goodnight, Rachel, when you very well knew the conversation was FAR from over. It’s as if you have no understanding of argument protocol. After I hung up on you, I did not intend for the conversation to end. And yet, because of you, I went to bed with words unspoken.
You wonder why I always send email messages in response to your text messages? Because we have the kind of problems that are too big for standard text messaging rates. Also, our problems have well surpassed the text messaging character limit. So, no, I won’t be texting you nor will I be responding. Which is why your Goodnight, Rachel went unanswered and will continue to go unanswered for forever more.
Do you know how insulting it is to tell someone your emotions—your true, honest, and raw emotions—and for them to respond with a laissez-faire tone? Well, I do. I write you messages that are filled with anger and fury, passion and rage. My messages are an outpouring of my heart and a bearing of my soul. I click send and wait for a reply and then when it arrives I notice that you haven't used one exclamation point! There are no words placed in bold to highlight your points. No capital letters used to indicate a voice inflection. No italic words to emphasize your meaning. This hurts MY feelings!
I am your wife. You may not be an emotional wreck with the other people in your life, but you owe it to your family to be an emotional wreck with me. When you speak to me calmly and maturely and with reason, I can only assume that you don't love me. Because if you DID love me, you'd be filled with the same passion and anger that I feel every morning when I wake up and I know that you're in bed in Seattle and not in our bed in San Francisco.
So, this is why I hung up on you last night, and this is why I'm not returning any of your text messages this morning. But the kids are coming in from art class now, so I can't talk about this any further.

TO: Rachel Isles
SUBJECT: RE: Your Emotions
I’ve never quite understood why you want me to treat you like a piece of shit. I can only assume that since I was raised in the hood, you expect me to cut your throat to show you I care. Rachel, you’re my wife. You’re the mother of my only child. I will treat you in a manner that corresponds to your titles in my life. My wife. My mate. The woman who bears my children.

Do I want to be here in Seattle without you and Janie? Of course not. But what choice do I have? You couldn’t just leave San Fran in the middle of the school year. And before you start with me, no I don’t blame you for this. And yes, I wish I was waking up to you every morning. Who wouldn’t want to wake up next to you, Rachel? But I’ve gotta work. Because as good as a teacher that you are, we have two mortgages, one daughter, and now I have rent to pay up here.
I’ve gotta make it happen for us, baby. I know you’re used to a standard of living that you’ve grown accustomed to. I knew what I was getting into when we married. But that standard of living doesn’t just happen. I need to make it happen. I’m up here in Seattle making it happen. When I iron out the kinks to this software, I’ll be on the first flight back to San Francisco.
I promise, Rachel.

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