Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Behind the Book: For Us Women On the Naughty List

It's tough living in reality; fantasy is so much better. Just look at fairy tales, which are the yardsticks that every woman measures her life up against. In these tales, a Good Girl (always virginal) meets Prince Charming (who's on the cusp of becoming a king). A third party (always a Wicked Woman) attempts to keep them apart. In the end, Good Girl and Prince Charming end up together. The End.


For women who still love to read girly fairy tales, God help you. Nothing but disappointment will follow you all the days of your life. For those of us women who read adult fairy tales, we're in luck.

Adult fairytales are different from kiddie fairytales. In fact, they're nothing alike. Because, in adult fairytales, it's the Wicked Woman who gets a shot at Prince Charming.

Now, how fun is THAT?


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