Friday, December 15, 2017

Behind the Book: I Want To Live In Book Worlds

I have Book Girl Problems.

In my perfect world, I'll read book after book. After reading a good book, I will have the option to jump into that book's world and stay there for as long as I please.

In that world, I will have the option to dine at all the sushi restaurants mentioned, like a star. I will drink all the Blueberry Cucumber Gimlets spoken of. I will drive in town cars, right beside the characters. I will wear minks in Aspen and sail the Pacific on summer nights.

My husband will morph into the Leading Guy--personality and looks wise--and we'll have serious problems that never affect our sexual tension. My children will be present in this world, but frequently babysat by both my mom and dad--who are wealthy, beautiful, and semi-retired.

My friends and I will be so close, others will refer to us as sisters. And we will all be compatible but different, making competition all but impossible.

In a perfect world, I will read book after book and quantum leap into one book world after another. Different cities. Different issues. Different luxuries. A perfect amount of drama.

If only that were possible.

In What If You're Over My Sh*t? Rachel has a Book Girl Problem: she has to live in reality. And she doesn't think she can do it. Because who wants to live in reality?


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