Friday, December 29, 2017

Behind the Book: What Kind of Marriage Do You Want?

What many women want in marriage is camaraderie AND passion. They want the feeling of trust and friendship that occurs with someone you spend a lot of time with. They also want strong sexual and romantic excitement for their mate.

Sounds good.

When you're dating, you tend to have passion without the camaraderie. 
When you're married you tend to have camaraderie without passion.
Having both, at the same time, is the ideal marriage. Or, as it's also known, The Jada Pinkett and Will Smith Marriage.

The reality is that, for most women, we either get one or the other. We get a good guy who gives us sparks or we get a cool guy who gives us flames. But wouldn't it be wonderful to find a Good-Cool Guy?

When both camaraderie and passion are expressed at the same time, it feels like a solar eclipse. Solar Eclipse: When the moon passes between the Sun and Earth. The sun--and all of it's happiness--is camaraderie. The moon--and all of it's mystery--is passion. When you receive both at the same time, you've experienced a Love Eclipse.

That's what most women crave. That's what Rachel craves in What If You're Over My Sh*t?. But sometimes, we don't get what we crave. 


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