Monday, December 18, 2017

It All Makes Sense: How To Look Book Girl Perfect

Ladies, please have a seat and look at the screen ahead. I'll show you how to appear as perfect to others as the Leading Lady in your favorite novels.

First, allow me to introduce myself.

Good evening. I am your host Mrs. Social Media. Tonight, I'll be presenting The Perfect Life of Shannon Dianne According to the Pictures She Takes and Shares.

Let's begin with the first picture:

These are Shannon's children, in the back seat of the family truck. They're both watching a Pixar movie on an Apple tablet, laughing in unison. Will you just LOOK at her children's wonderful behavior. Imagine how peaceful Shannon's life must be since their births.

Notice how the children are both properly strapped in car seats, even at their advanced ages. Look how Shannon always follows the law. Please observe the straps on the car seats. Notice how they're not twisted or loose fitting, but look exactly as the manufacturer recommends.

Please draw your attention to the cubby holes on the children's car seats. Look at how both children are drinking Honest Kids Appley Every After organic juice pouches, which contains have the sugar of regular juice.

Please notice her children's clothing. Don't her children look like they've just left a GAP or Target photo shoot? Notice how they're both dressed in season. Keep in mind that Shannon posted this picture at NIGHT, so this is how her children have looked all day.

As you can tell, Shannon has a perfect set of children that you ALL should aspire to attain.

Next up, Shannon's husband.

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