Thursday, January 4, 2018

All You Want Is Perfection

My goal is Perfection. I use a capital p because Perfection is a place for me:

1. It's the spot you land in when you've written a book that is structurally sound.

2. It's the place you reach when you've done everything you could to have a perfect relationship.

3. It's the level you reach when you've been an involved and active parent.

4. It's the achievement you receive when you've worked harder than anyone you know.

And still, none of us reaches Perfection.

What we reach is Disappointment.

Perfectionism isn't our fault. Those of us who strive to be perfect do it for the following reasons:

1. We live in a world that says if you aren't successful, it's your fault. You are a disgrace. You are a bottom feeder. You could have been rich. You could have been powerful. You failed. Others did not. Look at Warren and Bill. Look at Steve. Look at Instagram. You. Are. Failing. (This is called Neoliberalism.)

2. We live in a world that says hard work will be rewarded in kind. And, if it isn't, well you didn't work very hard did you? Work harder! Harder! Look at the person to your right, they're younger than you and they're further along in life. They have more. They work harder than you. They have more talent than you. They deserve more than you. Work HARDER! (This is called Meritocracy.)

3. We live in a world that says money, success, and happiness are signs of being one of God's chosen ones. He has smiled on you. He has shown you favor. He has separated the wheat (the good grain) from the chaff (the waste product of grain.) And, if you don't have money, success, and happiness, you are waste. You are nothing but sh*t.  (This is called the Prosperity Gospel.)

If you find yourself being a pile of shit, you aren't alone. In What If You're Over My Sh*t?, Rachel finds herself at the entrance gates of The Land of Perfection.

And then she's denied entrance... Shit.


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