Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Maybe You Don't Want An Easy Life, After-all

Most women just want things to be easy

An Example
You leave the drive-thru of Starbucks and you forget to take your debit card from the barista. Now you have to either go back through the drive-thru and wait for five cars ahead of you to order an extra whip-skinny-mocha latte-with two shots of espresso-sugar free chocolate syrup-and almond milk instead of milk-and... this is about to go on forever. OR you can park your truck and walk into Starbucks, but of course you’re lazy and plus it’s beginning to rain, and WHY CAN’T THINGS JUST BE EASY??

Because easy isn’t exciting. 

There are no bragging rights in getting your coffee on time, heading back to the office, and making your 1:30 meeting. That story is boring. 

What people want to tell (and what people want to hear) is how they made it back from Starbucks on time, against all odds. Now THAT’S a bestseller. Long lines! Forgotten debit cards! Rain! Oh my goodness, how does his end?!

In What If You’re Over My Shit?, Rachel wonders the same thing we all wonder: Why can’t life be easy? And then, when her life DOES become easy, she starts to think the same thing we all think: Something is missing.


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