Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Which Shannon Dianne Woman Are You?

After 6 books and 11 main female characters, which woman are you?

DANIELLE: The woman who desperately needs more of everything in her life and actively pursues it. People in her way better watch out.

JASMINE: The traditional woman who aims for perfection in everything, and will stop at nothing to attain it. And usually, she is kinda perfect.

WINNIE: The rebel woman who loves hard, and expects everyone else to love just as hard. She's usually disappointed in the end.

DENA: The ever supportive woman who focuses on bigger and better, and has the graceful elegance to achieve bigger and better.

RENA: The successful and driven woman who balances herself between two worlds, and somehow does it quite well.

LAURA: The woman who believes in happily ever afters and Prince Charming. She devours romance novels and searches for soul mates.

MARLA: The ever supportive woman who's happy just where she is. She needs nothing more and nothing less.

LOLA: The tough woman who would love to be vulnerable, for once. She never seems to have the chance.

TRIXIE: The assertive woman who never cries over spilled milk. There will always be something wonderful waiting for her, on the other end of disappointment. She's sure of it.

RACHEL: The fun-loving woman who's highest goal is family life. She will destroy anyone and everything that stands in the way of her family.

VIVIAN: The woman who believes in happiness and soulmates but is completely rational about them both. Because, sometimes you win and, unfortunately, sometimes you lose.

I've detailed the lives of 11 different women with the hope that a reader can pick out one and say "That's me." Each woman is ridden with flaws, as they are with strengths. Each woman is an intricate part of their stories. Each is irreplaceable.

There are times when women feel that no one--sometimes not even their own mothers--understand them. I hope that when you open one of my books, you feel understood.


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